Restaurant Barlotti


Staircase made in 2013, in collaboration with Mercury Forge (Our agent for Russia) to the famous restaurant "Barlotti" in Moscow.

 The spiral staircase, of important dimensions, consists of a central beam in which the modular elements of solid oak, of different forms, binding on the treads in a fan, also of the same essence. Oak stained wenge. On the external side, the capacitors are connected by a thigh in black painted steel band.

The stair railings, where present, are composed of a metal frame containing a sheet decorated laser with a pattern chosen by the client; on the top and the wall, those taking the stairs can be arranged via a handrail plate of polished brass fretted.

The floor of arrival, the staircase hole is protected by a balustrade curved panels of real padded leather, above which is placed the handrail in polished brass, equal to that of the staircase.


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