Hotel Ariston


Railings made in 2005 for the interior stairs of the prestigious Ariston Hotel (4stars) in Padua.

The flights of stairs connecting to 6 floors of the building, each floor is connected by 2 scale ramps for a total of about 60 linear meters of parapets.

A mix of materials give a touch of uniqueness and style to the protection of the stairs.

The cherry wood handrail Ø 48mm bending winds helically in the intermediate landings.

The stainless steel posts AISI 304 satin alternating with glass plates 8 + 8mm attached to the side of the ladder by means of studs Ø 50mm brushed stainless steel.

In intermediate landings 8 rods file Ø 12mm brushed stainless steel curved and equidistant between them mark the ramp change.


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