G. Clerici furniture


External self-supporting spiral staircase, full corporate certification CE - UNI1090, built in 2016 for the furniture factory "Clerici furniture" of Suno (NO), placed on the facade of the building and acting also as an escape route; complete with landing shelters to the plans.

The supporting central beam, Ø120 cm, supports huge fan steps, covered in Laminam and having a light-distance of two meters; an outer thigh band links together the steps and gives great aesthetic work.

Landing shelters have also been made to the plans, works created by a complex of bolted metal beam system.

The guardrails, made to scale, and shelters, were products entirely of brushed stainless steel with uprights in two coupled flat, inward moved round handrail of the staircase and eight rods files equidistant.


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