Wooden Box

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The mod. "Wooden BOX" undoubtedly represents the evolution of one of our most appreciated staircases: the Box Model.

It’s the perfect matching between wood and steel: their combination offers the clean geometry and strenght of the steel and the warm natural feature of the wood.

You can use the wood only for steps or for risings too, like a tape that unrolls through the staircase. You can also cover the entire staircase making the wood the prevailing material.

Glass as side protection is undoubtedly the best choice to not interfere with the rhythmic line of risers and treads; depending on the needs, it is however possible to combine different railing solutions.

Wood is the only material capable of communicating natural heat.

It characterizes the design of this particular mod stairs. "BOX": Nevertheless, the wide variety of colors and / or achievable finishes can differentiate and make every single scale.

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