Open staircases

The stairs, model "ROBY" are characterized essentially by a metallic structure squared single beam, located below the steps, which are supported by a tray-shaped, welded to the lower beam. Scales that are, depending on the finishes and materials used, may have a more classical appearance or more modern, in order to be inserted in multiple different environments. Even the railings that are matched to these staircases help to give character and uniqueness to this product.
The structure of this type of internal stairs is available in painted steel or stainless steel, with colors and / or different finishes to choose from our samples; the flexibility of our company allows, also, to be adaptable to different needs, for example with regard to the form that you want to give to the tray which supports the tread, which can also act as a closed riser.
The steps come in stone (Biancone Asiago, Carrara Marble, Granite Absolute Black) or solid wood (beech or oak, with various finishes), but there is of course the possibility to satisfy particular requirements of each client, to create each once unique results: stairs to furniture, that distinguish the spaces in which they are located.
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