Cantilevered staircases

The model cantilevered stairs "LIGHT" have clean lines; They are characterized by just wood steps that appear to be anchored directly to the wall and which are connected together on the side free from metallic legs.

On the side cantilever you can match almost any type of parapet: the light appearance of the ladder can thus adapt to any environment, whether it be classical or modern.

The supporting structure is hidden inside the step itself, which therefore turns out to have an increased thickness compared to other models of staircases; the wood used (beech or oak, but the company is of course able to satisfy any other requirements), which completely cover the structure, however, they are made of solid wood.

Where the steps could not be anchored directly to the wall (for example, when it is not bearing), it will be present in a band or elbow to view structure, which will be fixed to the steps; it too is of course customizable to the customer's discretion, and may be supplied either painted steel or stainless steel.
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