Spiral staircases

The "EASY" model stairs represent, between those of their type, the true essentiality of spiral staircases: a central structure formed by circular forms that enclose the steps, which rise and turn all equal on the same beam forming, for the note , scale: easy, comfortable ... eASY!

The essential character of this line is combined with all environments: excellent both for smaller spaces for small and large, is primarily required as a ladder for access to attics and lofts, but certainly functional as the main staircase.

The parapet that it is primarily matched is the mod. "RING", from the round and essential forms and, therefore, logically the most suitable to the simplicity of the spiral stairs mod. "EASY".

The simplicity of the metal structure of the spiral stairs "EASY" model (circular modules interposed between tread - connection pins on the outside of the steps) is essential in order to achieve the same with materials crafted by our company or painted steel and stainless steel, with colors and / or different finishes to choose from our samples.

The steps are mostly made of solid wood (beech or oak, with various finishes); the risers are always open.

The flexibility that characterizes our company still leaves room for the proposals of the customer, whether he is a private or a professional, for the construction with wood (larch, doussiè, elm ...) or materials (such as stone or glass).

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