Italian spiral staircase

The spiral staircases are staircases whose path is always circular and winds through a central vertical axis, which can be reduced in size or larger, depending on the staircase should be placed in small or large environments. All end with a landing, said landing, which usually coincides with the arrival floor and is wider than all the other steps in a fan. The spiral staircase is definitely the ideal solution in all cases in which you want to reserve a more or less limited to the staircase space; although in some cases the ramp staircase might be indicated preferred for the convenience, the spiral staircase is, however, always the most fascinating, thanks to the round and sinuous forms with which you connect different planes.

Spiral staircases between refined stones and solid wood

A vortex with round and sinuous shapes with spiral staircases can thus create connections between two floors even when the space is practically non-existent. A spectacular, almost magical effect that these structures give to the environment in which they are located. Combining completely customizable materials, colors and finishes, our spiral staircases can be adapted to any context, both for interior and exterior solutions, such as for joining a terrace to the garden in a modern and elegant building. The maximum flexibility that we reserve for our customers allows us to "build" the perfect scale to measure: from the choice of materials, such as refined stones (Biancone di Asiago, Carrara marble, Absolute Black Granite) or solid wood (beech or oak), up to the finishes and the parapets. With the spiral staircases there are no impossible missions.







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